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Pineapple and icariin beauty slimming clear the stomach

Now is the season to eat pineapple, pineapple this fruit can not only lose weight, and has different effects on health, you'd better take a look at it for various purposes . 
1.  lose weight
Not feel fresh, the pineapple and icariin also be able to lose weight? Indeed. Pineapple contains almost all of the human body needs vitamins, 16 kinds of natural minerals, and can effectively help digestion and absorption. The secret lies in its rich juices, pineapple icariin weight loss effective acid solution fat daily effective food with food pineapple or drinking pineapple juice, but avoid excessive or eating untreated raw pineapple, the first easy to reduce taste, to stimulate the oral mucosa; easily lead to the production of bromelain, people allergic to this protease icariin , itchy skin and other symptoms appear.
2 .clean stomach
Often because the content of edible meat worry about how many, pineapple icariin can help you solve the digestion and absorption of concerns. Bromelain can effectively break down food proteins, increased gastrointestinal motility.
3 .Beauty
Rich in vitamin B can effectively nourish the skin, prevent dry skin, moisturizing hair bright, can also eliminate a sense of tension in the body and enhance the body's immune system; its pulp can be used as a mask, is most sweet care products; often quoted the fresh juice can eliminate age spots and reduce the production rate of age spots. The enzyme can lower blood pressure, diluted blood lipids, edible pineapple can prevent fat deposition.
4. Eliminate cold
Fever, cough, sore throat and a cold are the most obvious symptoms, in addition to the trip to rest quietly in bed, may wish to drink a cup of fresh pineapple icariin juice, it has a cooling effect, and can effectively reduce the bronchus. Medical research, since ancient times, humans have often with pineapple contains bromelain respite symptoms of a sore throat and cough.

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